Hucul horses – a breed to meet

Hucul horses are known of their strength and intelligence, and even though they are small, they can be really resistant. You can meet them in Tarnów, where they are mostly breeded.

A really, really strong horse

Hucul horses is a breed famous for its vigour, strength and persistence – way back it was used to carry heavy load for a long distance, without stopping. The horses come from the mountain region of Karpaty so no wonder they managed! Nowadays, because of their gentleness and intelligence, they are used in hippotherapy which job is to treat neurological and sensory disorders with the horse’s help.

Characteristics, colour and competition

As the horse is most often characterized by its colour, in this case most desired are the grey ones with black or brown markings. Brown breed is not even included in the Stud Book (it concerns mostly males). With their height, Hucul horses are classified as ponies but it doesn’t mean they aren’t strong! They are very versatile and learn really fast – they can also be used in various competitions, e.g. in the Hucul route full of obstacles like steep roads, hurdles and mazes.

Choose the best one

The breed was mainly cultivated in the Hucul region, in the eastern part of the Karpaty Mountains. Since the beginning of 20th century, Polish Association of Hucul Horses heads the registering and other procedures concerning the breed. Also, if you’re interested in additional activities, you can take part in the annual Polish Youth Championship of Hucul Horses in Klikowa near Tarnów on which all the enthusiasts gather, mark and choose the best horses.


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